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Electrical Services

Coho Electric, LLC provides a full range of residential, commercial and small industrial electrical services, 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Some of these services include, but are not limited to:

There is always a fine line between repairs and replacements and here at Coho Electric we try to always find a way to repair your equipment before we even consider replacing it. This is less damage to your pocket and you still get your full functioning equipment.

New Construction:
Our crew here at Coho Electric has a long history of successful new construction projects whether it is residential or commercial. This means houses, shopping centers, office buildings, etc. If you want your new construction project to be properly done when it comes to all of the electrical work then call Coho Electric.

Whether it is a giant commercial building or just a residential bathroom, we understand remodeling and what we have to do electrically to have a proper and successful remodel.

Services Upgrades:
Many homes electrical systems are out of date and are not built to handle today's electrical needs, this makes a service upgrade a safety necessity. Call Coho Electric to inspect your home to see if you need a service upgrade and let us provide you with that upgrade to ensure everything is done up to our standards.

Design and Installation:
We have a team of engineers and architects readily available to make your electrical wiring vision into reality.

Landscape Lighting:
Do you want to illuminate your beautiful garden of yard? Then we have exactly what you want. Our experienced team will wire and install all of the lighting fixtures necessary to light up your landscape so people can admire it at all times of the day.

Interior Lighting:
Interior lighting requires lots of wiring and light fixtures; we make sure to properly install everything so that your home is lit up when you need it.

Exterior Lighting:
Everybody needs lights on the outside of their home to light up the front doorway and so people can see your address and also just for security reasons. Call Coho Electric to make sure that everything is installed correctly and is in full functioning order.

Electrical Inspections:
Our team inspects your home to make sure everything is up to code and standards so all of your electrical needs are properly done and working.

Wiring covers your whole building and is responsible to sending power throughout your whole building. If the wiring is not done properly you can have some major electrical problems, but do not fear, Coho Electric always makes sure the job is done right so that the customer is always happy.

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