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Interior Lighting Services

Coho Lighting understands that the largest cost of a lighting system to a commercial user is not the initial cost of the fixtures and installation, but of energy and maintenance costs. For most applications the largest lighting maintenance cost is relamping, (changing the burned out light bulbs). It’s typically not the cost of the lamp itself that is expensive, (although that does play a part of course), but the labor involved, and the disruption to business. One of the best ways to minimize these costs is to use a practice called “Group Relamping.”

Group relamping is one of the most important aspects of lighting maintenance. Based on careful planning, scheduled group relamping involves calculating the average rated life and the average output of the lamps in your fixtures. Coho Lighting offers group relamping services as an effective way to maintain ideal light levels and decrease expenditures on lamp replacements.

Exterior Lighting Services

Coho Lighting is a licensed Wisconsin electrical contractor specializing in LED parking lot lighting installation and repair throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Do you have a parking lot that needs brighter, more efficient lights that will save you money? If so, then you have come to the right company.

Businesses just like yours across Wisconsin are saving money, attracting new customers, and are enjoying the benefits of LED parking lot lighting that include:

➤ Increased visibility at night for your
➤ Saving up to 61% on monthly lighting expenses
➤ Improved “Modern” styling
➤ Excellent system life

The best part is that we will also provide you with expert LED light maintenance and LED light repair services on all LED parking lot lighting and full 24-hour emergency service! That is going to give you peace of mind in knowing that your parking lot and business will look amazing at all times.

Other Lighting Services

➤ Parking lot lighting service
➤ Exterior lighting
➤ System installation
➤ Neon repair
➤ Sign Installation & repair
➤ 24hr emergency service
➤ LED Sign & Light upgrades

Licensed Lighting Services in Grafton Wisconsin

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